The fight against sending troops to Haiti, in the heart of Kenya!

The fight against sending troops to Haiti, in the heart of Kenya!


Boukan News, 10/09/2023 – If the de facto Haitian Government and the government of Mr. William Ruto believe that the UN Security Council vote of approval gives them a green light for action, they must think again. The deal now moves inside the territory of Kenya for consideration, review, debate, approval, or rejection by Parliament as required by the Constitution of Kenya. Many opposition leaders and ruling party parliamentarians are firmly opposed to the idea of sending troops to Haiti. There are many reasons justifying their opposition to the government’s decision, most vividly considering what Haiti historically represents to the black race around the world, the long 12,000-kilometer distance between Kenya and Haiti, and an acute urgency at home that requires the retention of all available Kenyan forces to fight the Islamist terrorist organization “Al-Shabaab”, etc.

Their civil society is also against the ill-advised unilateral decision of the government to send troops to Haiti and the Kenyans are outraged. They do not want to risk the lives of their sons and daughters in a country where they do not speak the language, do not understand the traditions, culture, do not know the perilous terrains where the gangs exercise total control, 90% of Port-au-Prince, the capital, is now under their grip.

On the Haitian side, most Haitians are opposed to the idea of bringing another foreign force to their country due to repetitive violations of their sovereignty. Therefore, a group of Haitian citizens who are fighting against that prospective fourth occupation of the country is desperately bringing their cause to the People of Kenya for solidarity.

On October 6th, we met via videoconference with Congressman Paul Ongili (Babu Owino), the youngest member of the Kenyan Parliament, and discussed the request made by his government to send military troops from his country to Haiti. First, we expressed birthday wishes to the Congressman on the upcoming celebration of his anniversary on October 10th and followed up with words of appreciation for meeting with us.

During the meeting, he indicated that the President of Kenya must seek parliamentary approval regarding the decision to send troops to Haiti. He promised, together with his fellow parliamentarians, to fight hard to prevent the materialization of William Ruto’s plan, which has been received by Kenyans with a skeptical eye and major concern. He even stated that he would consider organizing civil disobedience (street demonstrations) if the president would choose to proceed with this occupation project of Haiti without the authorization of the parliament, a project that was outsourced to him by other hegemonic nations.

According to Congressman Paul and other colleagues, the president’s plan is very unpopular in Kenya, and they cannot understand why he has chosen to become the valet of the United States of America. During the meeting, the Congressman kept questioning the decision of his government to send troops to Haiti considering that Kenya is 7546 miles away from Haiti whereas the United States of America, the leader of the effort, is only 600 miles away from Haiti but is very much reluctant to send its own troops to fight the gangs.

He mentioned that he is building a broad parliamentary coalition to vote against his government’s rush-rush plan to invade Haiti. According to the constitution of the country, the ultimate decision to send troops on missions to foreign land lies with the parliament.

Already, there are legitimate apprehensions regarding this rather risky adventure.

Linda Thomas Greenfield, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, under questioning about the long tradition of Kenyan public forces’ human rights violations,  stated:  “We have put strong responsibility and a strong language of control in the resolution, and we plan to work to engage all participating member states to urge them to hold any member of their staff who may be involved in such violence to account, have had very intense discussions with Kenyans on this issue and we are confident that they will be able to carry out this mission.”

That said, in clear terms, the United States is washing its hands like Pontius Pilate of the Bible: Kenya (the leader of the group of nations) will be responsible for anything that goes wrong in Haiti during this mission. One of the participants in the meeting stressed the illegal nature of the mission, which is not truly a UN initiative because the Security Council does not directly control it. As a result, it is under the direct control of the United States, which funds more than half of the funds allocated. Therefore, Kenya is what is called a “proxy or an errant boy”, whatever evil will happen is the responsibility of Kenya, and only Kenya!

Then there is the rumor that continues to spread through the media that Mr. William Ruto has received bribes valued at up to $50 million to lead the mission. Our interlocutors did not endorse the rumor but did not refute it either. Apparently, Mr. Ruto has a long tradition of involvement in shady business, such as massacre, theft of property, embezzlement of public funds…

Is William Ruto a crook?

Mr. William Ruto has a shoddy political past marked with scandals. In 2010, the “International Criminal Court” accused him of “Crimes against Humanity” for having ordered a massacre and arson of a church. The reported, “A woman told the court that around 3,000 youths armed with machetes surrounded the Kiambaa village church on New Year’s Day 2008, where she and around 2,000 others gathered hid.” During this massacre, 35 people were burned alive, including women and children. This electoral violence was the cause of death for more than 1,000 individuals. More than 500,000 fled to escape the violence orchestrated by William Ruto himself, according to international justice. This strangely reminds me of the attack perpetrated at the Saint-Jean Bosco church in Haiti on September 11, 1988.

In 2004, Mr. Ruto was sued for stealing a large sum of money from Kenya Pipeline Company, a Kenya state company. However, he was acquitted under mysterious conditions that people still cannot comprehend.

Then Mr. William Ruto was pinned in several land theft cases. In 2013, he pleaded guilty to an illegal land acquisition case and paid 5 million shillings to the victims. In that same year, Kenya’s current president was prosecuted in his country for stealing money from a state institution. According to Daily Nation, in 2019, William Ruto was chased away from a land of 900 acres in the locality of Uasin Gishu; land that he had illegally confiscated.

The good citizens of Kenya have the duty to fight to preserve the moral integrity of their country and to fight this repugnant affront by Mr. Rufo to Haiti, which has always considered itself an extension of Africa, the motherland!

Joel Leon

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