By Réginal  Souffrant

Boukan News, 08/23/2023 – We do not know which project Haitian sports policy makers will implement in the future. No matter what may happen, there is ground to be hopeful. Over the past five years, many talented young footballers of Haitian origin_ who were born abroad_ continue to impress around the world. One of them is Carrington Jackson whom I am introducing to the public. He is nicknamed C.J.

Born in New York on September 10, 2005 to Haitian parents, C.J. made his debut in a local team called NY Fusion at the age of 8 until he turned

Carrington Jackson

11. Then, he played as a central defender. He distinguished himself by his technique, his versatility and, above all, by his athletic ability. When he fought for ball possession with other teenagers, the latter usually fell to the ground and cried. (By the way, C.J. never intended to hurt any of them). Nonetheless, his precocious musculature made the other children of his generation tremble. Every time he was about to take a free-kick, all the parents feared that his powerful shots did not hit any of the youngsters who congregated as human shields to prevent him from scoring a goal. The little ones writhed in bitter pain whenever they dared trying to counter his shots which travelled like a cruise missile.

Later, C.J.’s parents moved from New York to Florida. There, the teenager made a name for himself in the Weston club, which plays in the MLS Next league (the U.S’ highest juvenile division.

Ambitious_ helped by his father, Churchill Jackson, who is a football maniac_ C.J. was going to test his level outside the USA at the age of 15. Hence, he attended several training camps in Brazil at the Grêmio and Palmeiras academies, which awarded him a certificate respectively.

After his farewell to Brazil, the young athlete has greatly impressed at the IF Brommapojkarna Swedish academy. However, this club’s level seemed to be too average to him. He wanted to prove himself in a more challenging environment.

Indeed, C.J. is about to achieve his dearest goal: Be a professional player in a European first division team. Now, he is part of the German based Fortuna Düsseldorf academy.  As a right winger, he is commanding the respect of his coach, his teammates as well as his opponents thanks to his speed, his quasi- unstoppable dribbles, his toughness in duels and his natural flair to score goals.

C.J. is already a safe bet at 17 years of age. We wish him continued success. Let us hope that Haiti will install the adequate structure to harvest all young athletes of Haitian origin, including C.J., who are now shining in the international football firmament.

Réginal  Souffrant

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